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Football in the dungeons

Monster Striker Eleven



Tag: football soccer singleplayer local-multiplayer weird monsters




  • English

Game Age

  • All Age

System requirement

  • MS Windows


What do dungeon creatures do when the hero is not around?

Well they play football of course. With a pumpkin. Why not.

Play alone or challenge a friend on awesome fun local multiplayer and score those goals. Anything goes, monsters don't care about fouls or throw ins anyway. Also, they kinda ate the referee.

The game supports game controllers and favors xbox ones, so make sure you have a couple of those to fully enjoy the experience.

Oh and for the first player, the game supports EyeX eye tracking hardware for choosing players and passing to them easier using just your eyes. Awesome huh?

Game features:

  • Physics based football action
  • Local multiplayer
  • Eye tracking support (EyeX)
  • Multiple teams
  • 2 stadiums
  • 5 customizable team formations


MS Windows

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