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Strange and funny story

The Restaurant With Many Orders


Kenji Miyazawa's "The Restaurant of Many Orders" is now a novel game! Enjoy the story with sounds and graphics.

Review by Agamer

A princess x hero romance... wait, is that even a hero???

The Princess of the Tower Wants a Hero


A sweet winter themed fantasy romance originally made for Itchio's Winter VN jam.

Review by onighost

A murder mystery in a kooky Halloween town...

Tales of Misteria


Tales of Misteria is a short visual novel about a small town murder mystery. It was an entry for Itchio's Spooktober VN Jam 2021.

Review by onighost

Hero vs Demon Lord. The final battle draws to a close, but...?!

The Demon Lord is Mine!


A short visual novel with multiple bad endings.

The free visual novel about conspiracies, math and love



An epic and fun adventure game about four Go playing friends. Challenging puzzles, multiple story lines and an original sound track are waiting to be discovered!