English version of popular Japanese indie game “Future Mirror” is  now available on Steam.

Press release | 2022年11月18日

Mystery x fantasy x adventure game “Future Mirror” by Japanese indie game developer  Satsuki no Yume has been released in English via publisher LocaGames, a company operated by Adventures, Inc. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuri Tamai), on November 1st 2022.

“Future Mirror” (Japanese title “Mirai Kagami”) was released in Japan earlier this year and has gone on to earn high praise with Japanese gamers with its engaging characters and gripping storyline.

Japanese players had this to say about the game;

“It’s a fun game that makes me want to play it again and again.”

“I couldn’t stop playing the game because I was so excited to see what happened next.”

“The story and characters are great.”

“I enjoyed the comical and fast-paced dialogue.”

The new Steam release contains all new after-story content that will be available in both Japanese and English.

A playable demo version is now available on Steam that allows players to experience the beginning of the story.

About the work

Title: Future Mirror

Itsuki and Akane, two high school sophomores pondering their future, decide to try performing a spell that is supposed to allow them to see their futures ten years from now.

Itsuki is skeptical and doesn’t believe it’s possible, but egged on by Akane, she performs the spell anyway.

That night as Itsuki falls asleep, she suddenly finds herself in a world ten years in the future, in an unfamiliar place, handcuffed to a stranger, and surrounded by flames.

Itsuki wakes up from her dream and after meeting up at school the next day, is told a shocking truth by Akane:

“Ten years from now, I will be dead…”

Is it really just a dream?

Why is Akane dead?

Determined to find answers, Itsuki travels back and forth to the future in her dreams searching for a happy ending for herself and Akane.

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The game combines traditional visual novel storytelling and player-controlled exploration.

Depending on the player’s actions, the story branches into four different endings.

Escape the disastrous future you’ve learned about in your dreams and pursue a happy future.